Coarse& Fine Aggregate...

We offer clients coarse aggregate analysis and testing service. This service allows us to successfully test and analyze different grades of coarse material in terms of sieve analysis, specific gravity, bulk density, moisture content, water absorption, impact and crushing value and others. The finer details of testing standards delivered by us include.
Product Type Testing Standards
Sieve Analysis IS:2386 (Pt 1):1997
Specific Gravity IS:2386 (Pt.3):1997
Bulk Density IS: 2386 (Pt.3)-1997
Moisture Content IS:2386 (Pt.3) 1997
Water Absorption IS:2386 (Pt.3) 1997
Impact Value IS:2386 (Pt.4) 1997
Crushing Value IS:2386 (Pt.4) 1997
Abrasion Value (Los Angeles) IS:2386 (Pt.4) 1997
Flakiness Index IS:2386(Pt.1):1997
Elongation Index IS:2386 (Pt.1):1997
Soundness by: Na2SO4. 10H2O MgSO4 7H2O IS:2386(Pt.5):1997
Stripping Value IS:6241:1998
Chloride (water soluble) ASTM-C 1218/ C 1218M:1997
Total Chloride (acid soluble) ASTM-C 1152/ C 1152M:1997
Deleterious Material IS:2386(Pt.2):1997
Alkali Aggregate Reactivity by Chemical Method IS:2386 (Pt.7):1997 ASTM-C 289:1994
Complete analysis of Coarse Aggregate as per IS:383: Including Alkali Aggregate Reactivity Exclude Alkali Aggregate Reactivity  
Chloride Content  
Sulphate Content  
Drying Shrinkage (Prepared Sample)  
Drying Shrinkage (Un-Prepared Sample)  
Moisture Movement (Prepared Sample)  
Moisture Movement (Un-Prepared Sample)  
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