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We offer clients coarse aggregate analysis and testing service. This service allows us to successfully test and analyze different grades of coarse material in terms of sieve analysis, specific gravity, bulk density, moisture content, water absorption, impact and crushing value and others. The finer details of testing standards delivered by us include.
Product Type Testing Standards
Liquid Limit & Plastic Limit / Plastic Index /Atterberg Limit IS:2720 (Pt.5):1995
Specific Gravity IS:2720 (Pt 3):1997
Particle Size Distribution: By Sieve analysis By Pipette Method (Sedimentation Method) Hydrometer Analysis IS:2720 (Pt 4):1995 IS:2720 (Pt 4): 1995 IS:2720 (Pt 4): 1995
Proctor Compaction Test (MDD / OMC) IS:2720(Pt 7):1997IS:2720(Pt8):1995
Deleterious substances IS:2720(Pt 22):1995
Direct Shear IS:2720(Pt 13):1995
Tri-axial Compression with sharing Parameters: Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) Consolidated Undrained (CU) Consolidated Drained (CD) IS:2720(Pt 11):1997 IS:2720(Pt12):1997 IS:2720 (Pt7):1995
ID Consolidation Test IS : 2720 (Pt.-10)
Laboratory CBR IS:2720 (Pt16):1997
Moisture Content IS:2720 (Pt 2):1997
SPT at site up to 10 mtr.  
xiii) Total Soluble Solids IS:2720 (Pt 21):1995
Calcium Carbonate IS:2720 (Pt 23):1995
Total Soluble Sulphate IS:2720(Pt 27):1995
Inset Density by sand replacement method (Min. 6 samples) IS:2720 (Pt 28):1995
pH Value IS:2720 (Pt 26):1997
Free Swelling Index IS:2720 (Pt 40):1997
Bentonite Most Specification IS :9556
Soil Classification IS:1498:1997
Inset Density by Core Cutter Method (Min. 10Nos.) IS:2720 (Pt 28):1995
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